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Put The Socks Away: Why Underwear Is The Perfect Gift For Him

Put The Socks Away: Why Underwear Is The Perfect Gift For Him

For some strange reason, socks are the easy and riskless go-to when buying gifts for men. Sure – they’re universal, and everyone needs socks occasionally, you don’t need to choose a style, and one size fits all. However, buying underwear for your boyfriend, husband, or fling is a much better option.

Men have a habit of clinging on to worn-out underwear full of holes, stains, skids, and faded color. They don’t know why they do it – maybe they don’t understand just how important underwear is. One thing's for sure – they haven't considered how you, their partners, view this nasty habit, how those holey boxers are the first thing you notice when he takes off his pants, rather than the sexy man you used to see.

You know your man, and what style of underwear he prefers, why not treat him to a few pairs of brand new, comfortable, and easy on the eyes boxers, briefs, or boxer briefs? We hear you asking, what’s in it for us? We’re about to tell you the benefits that new underwear for your boyfriend brings to you.

No More Handling Old Crusty Men’s Underwear

When it’s your turn to do the laundry, is there anything more off-putting than pulling out a pair of old sweaty boxers that have been sitting at the bottom of the pile for days? Picture yourself now, retching, holding your nose, gasping for air – you don’t want to do that anymore.

Make Your Man Feel Great

Like getting into clean bed sheets, there’s nothing that feels quite like pulling on a new pair of underwear. You’ll notice a change in your man the moment he sports his new UnderGents for the first time – the feel of the ultra-soft CloudSoft fabric, the pristine color, and the perfectly formed fit will have confidence running through his veins. They are made so well that he will feel like this whether it’s his first time wearing them or the thousandth time.

 Force Him To Get Rid Of Those Old Pairs

What better way to force him to throw those old pairs in the trash? Stocking up with multiple pairs will ensure he doesn’t even notice all those old underwear disappeared.

He Looks Handsome, Again

It’s safe to say your guy appreciates you a little more when you’re wearing fresh, new, sexy underwear, so why shouldn’t he? Has it been years since you saw him in a pair of fresh clean date underwear? Chances are, you don’t actually know how it feels to see him in new men’s underwear because most men have pairs over 10 years old (yes that is gross) – why not buy UnderGents for him and find out for yourself?

 No More Stinky Odors

Men sweat, whether they’re working, running, walking, or sleeping, and guess where all the sweat accumulates? You guessed it – down below. Now imagine the amount of sweat those decade-old boxers have seen – no wonder they stink so bad. Now’s your chance to make his bad underwear odors a thing of the past. And UnderGents’ CloudSoft fabric features premium micro-modal that has anti-bacterial properties and wicks so good that he will feel and smell fresh every day.

 The Perfect Gift

If you’re struggling to find gift ideas for men, underwear is perfect! Men don’t know this, but they should replace their underwear every 6 months, making it the ideal Christmas, birthday, Valentine’s, Father’s Day, & Anniversary gift.

Don’t tell him we told you, but his underwear is just as much for you as it is for your man. Check out the Undergents collection – they make the perfect underwear gifts for him.


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