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6 Reasons Why UnderGents Are The World’s Most Comfortable Men’s Underwear.

6 Reasons Why UnderGents Are The World’s Most Comfortable Men’s Underwear.

Today is National Underwear Day and what could be more fitting than talking about men’s underwear comfort, or the lack thereof. We have all been there, having a day where we feel like we can’t get comfortable, and something underneath is causing the problem. There are many reasons why UnderGents are the most comfortable men's underwear. When we launched UnderGents men’s underwear, we knew we had to be laser-focused on comfort above all else. We had experienced other brands delivering pain and agony to our assets underneath, and we saw how it was easy for less than comfortable underwear to claim comfort.  That is why we began at the beginning:

  1. It is said, “In the beginning,……man was naked, comfortable, and happy.” We men enter the world in our most comfortable outfit, our birthday suit. That is why we find it great to run around without anything on, and it always brings a smile to a guy’s face to have the chance to bound around wearing nothing but the skin his momma gave him. We took that to heart and designed underwear to feel as free and comfortable as if you are wearing nothing at all. Regardless of your preference for boxer briefs, boxer shorts, briefs, and PJ’s, we applied the “feeling naked is great” standard to all our products.
  2. To feel like a man is streaking around while wearing some great underwear meant we would need to take our fabric selection serious. We wouldn’t build a product based on cost but would develop comfort based on the best feeling imaginable. To that end we settled on our CloudSoft fabric which is a unique blend of micro-modal. Not just any modal, but the best micro-modal made by a leader in industry (Lenzing).
  3. The attributes of micro-modal that made it our go-to fabric include the ultra-soft feel. Being 3-4 times softer than cotton tells you about the comfort we provide and it is cooling on the skin. That’s why we call our fabric blend CloudSoft. It’s soft and refreshing like you are being enveloped in a cloud. Just picture how it would feel to lounge on clouds all day? This is why so many visuals have angels floating on the clouds. It’s the ultimate visualization of perfectly happy comfort & joy.
  4. Taking this ultra-soft feeling further, our CloudSoft blends are cooler and wick away moisture better than polyester, cotton, and nylon, without trapping stink. UnderGents’ CloudSoft does not trap the sweat and bacteria that make it funky underneath. No man wants to hear his junk has a funk. Nothing will send the mood from DTF to WTF faster than some funky smell underneath. If you think your polyester boxer briefs with hot dogs on them are cute, you are going to be the only one. We could have stopped there, but just being ultra-soft, cooling, and stink free wasn’t enough for us. That was just an entry point.
  5. Comfort Not Compression. You’ve heard us say it because it’s true. All men like their tools, but they use a workbench or a toolbelt to store them. They don’t need to wear vice grips or pipe squeezers for underwear. We challenge you, take a look at “that” underwear in your drawer and check out the amount of elastic they have, the bands around the bottom, and the width of the legs. We bet you will see elastic in the 10% to 15% range, double thickened leg bands, and leg widths less than half of your thigh circumference. Want to know why? A few reasons: if they squeeze you tight enough, they can say it doesn’t move on you. That’s true because who wants to move when they are being squeezed underneath. They also do it for cost. They can lower the cost by using more elastic and less fabric. UnderGents doesn’t do that to you. We use a minimal amount of elastic and design our men’s underwear to move “With you Not against you.” This means you are not restricted and can experience the same all-way movement you get when jollying around in the buff.
  6. To bring these great aspects together we knew we couldn’t just run it through any old sewing machine and use any type of stitching. We chose what is called flat-lock to give the inside a smooth feel. This was so you don’t have this wonderful design and fabric all jacked up by some chafing seams rubbing against your joints. We also made sure to avoid joint rubs and rash by using a multi-panel design that follows male geometry. We call this our Vitruvian man design. We all know Da Vinci was a genius ahead of his time. We suspect his Vitruvian man designs were the beginning of his search to develop a better men’s underwear. We just expanded on his initial thoughts and brought you UnderGents, The World’s Most Comfortable Men’s Underwear.
  7. We didn’t stop at 6, but we don’t want to give the full recipe away. We want you to experience, feel, and live your life in comfort. Men all find comfort in different things and way’s but guarantee our comfort and we guarantee all the things you enjoy will be less comfortable while you are wearing uncomfortable underwear. It’s time to level-up to UnderGents. But a little hint; this great comfort is available in many styles including boxer briefs, briefs, boxer shorts, boxer briefs with a horizontal fly, and even great full body comfort in our Swagger Lounge Wear.
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