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What Goes Underneath is Important!

Men's Underwear With Limitless Comfort & Style

UnderGents was developed over several years as the 3rd wave in men’s underwear. UnderGents is insuring the items worn closest to your body are the most comfortable items you wear, hence our name, “Under” for products worn under your clothes combined with “Gentle” for the CloudSoft™ gentle feel and our focus on men’s products. With our focus on comfortable function and style, we believe UnderGents are the most comfortable underwear in the world.

We are looking to redefine what every man can expect in terms of comfort and function in his underwear. To achieve this revolutionary new underwear (boxer briefs, trunks, & briefs), we researched what men disliked and liked about their current underwear and used this data as a roadmap to create comfortable underwear that would drastically improve men’s comfort down below. We found that only 20% of men are satisfied with their underwear comfort, that’s as bad as Congress. With 70% of men uncomfortable and 10% of men going commando to have some relief, we knew there was work to be done.

The time has come for men to be comfortable in their underwear. Leading the 3rd wave in men’s underwear means providing comfort underneath for today’s gentleman who is scoring big on the job, on the court, at home, or simply in life. Whether you wear boxer briefs, trunks, briefs/bikinis, or traditional boxer shorts; your underwear should not only keep up with you every step (jump, bend and stretch) of the way, but treat you and the boys down below to soft cool comfort all day, every day.

Your body moves in all directions, and so should your underwear? UnderGents is made with our unique Cloudsoft™ fabric that utilizes a nature-based micro modal that has been researched and developed to provide unbelievable softness along with support and stretch to keep you comfortable and in-place, all the time. Our Cloudsoft™ fabric is multiple times more absorbent than cotton, has incredible air permeability and disperses heat to keep you cool, dry, and odor free all-day long . The natural all-way stretch fabric design has anti-odor and moisture-wicking properties to keep men feeling fresh all day, everyday so you can finally keep the cologne above the belt where it belongs.



Many of the problems that create discomfort, that we hear about most include: boxer briefs that feel too tight like a compression short or cycling short, boxer brief legs that are too long and squeeze the thighs down to the knee, underwear made of petroleum based polyester that are hot like a furnace down below, cotton underwear that is rough and scratchy, briefs that are unflattering and boxy in the rear, traditional boxer shorts that are bulky and bunch up in pants and shorts (especially in flat front pants and skinnier styles), boxer shorts that have no support, trunks that ride up creating a wedgie, briefs that capture and hold moisture like a diaper, tags that are itchy, waistbands that fold over and lose shape after a wash cycle, seams and sewing on the rear that are rough and are felt whenever sitting down that cause constant shifting.

We used these comments as challenges we needed to solve in order to develop men’s underwear that the majority of men would enjoy wearing every day and for every situation.  We focused on comfort factors in our development that included; 1) sourcing non-petroleum based materials and fabric blends that are incredibly soft while also comfortably cool against a man’s skin, which resulted in our unique CloudSoft™ fabric; 2) developing and utilizing a multi-panel construction design to account for the way a man moves so there is no binding on one side while movement occurs somewhere else (our Vitruvian-Man underwear design); 3) using flat-lock stitching to combine the ultra-soft material panels together so there is no chafing, itching, or scratching; 4) developing a custom no-roll tag-less moisture wicking waistband that is soft inside and out; and, 5) developing men’s underwear styles that addressed the tightness and looseness men were struggling with. The outcome of this focus is the world’s most comfortable underwear that is soft and cooling on the skin.

To insure UnderGents underwear moved with the man, rather than compressing, binding, and pulling, we developed our multi-paneled “Vitruvian Man Underwear Design” that incorporates today’s favorite underwear styles with male geometry and movement to engineer the world’s most comfortable, stylish, and functional men’s underwear. Our Vitruvian Man Design insures that UnderGents underwear moves with you rather than binding and pulling in opposite directions when you move.

In addition, we used recent research on men’s changing body shapes and sizes to insure UnderGents fits the modern man as comfortably as possible. You will notice our sizing runs a bit larger than the fashion labels versions of small, medium, large, xlarge, etc.

We’ve done away with the idea that being comfortable is out of reach. That’s why UnderGents are designed to make you feel, function and look like a champ without breaking the bank.

Our CloudSoft™ fabrics and innovative product designs provide the ultimate mix of luxuriously soft comfort, freedom of movement, and the perfect amount of support for all-day, every-day, every-way comfort. Every ‘gent’ deserves Limitless Comfort and Style underneath. By selling directly to you, UnderGents is offering ultra-premium quality men’s underwear, that is unbelievably comfortable, at a remarkably lower price than competing brands.

As a brand, UnderGents resonates with the needs and wants of successful and aspirational men with a bit an edge; otherwise known as “Every Man Alive.” Our products are inspired by heritage as well as the latest trends & garment technology.

Simply put, stop trying to be comfortable in uncomfortable underwear, UnderGents is the game changer you’ve been waiting for in men’s underwear.


Brand Values

  • We stay young in mind and body and add play to each day.
  • We foster connection and an experience in everything we do.
  • We never compromise on quality.
  • We are rebellious, irreverent, and daring.
  • We are also classy, sophisticated, caring, & compassionate
  • We are irreverent while being respectful and sophisticated.
  • We believe the oxford comma is necessary.
  • We deliver on promises.
  • We are rebellious and daring.
  • We challenge the status quo.
  • We are Bold and remove fear of the unknown.
  • We are obsessive in looking for the upside in the downside.
  • We are committed to excellence.

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