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Is That Lucky Pair Older Than Your Car?

Is That Lucky Pair Older Than Your Car?

Nobody wants to wear worn out, used, underwear, no matter how many times it’s been washed. Or at least that’s what they say. But let’s look at what men are doing, versus what they are saying. In reality, more than 50% of men have underwear in their drawer that is over 10 years old. We suspected and found, that more than 10% of men have underwear over 20 years old. We bet a lot of you are shaking your head and saying “not me,” a few of you just chuckled because you know most of the items in your drawer are well past their expiration, and the ladies just said “I’d be surprised if he had any under 10 years old”. We challenge the naysayers to look in their underwear drawer, pull everything out and ask yourself, where you got them and when. If you can’t remember when you received or bought that pair of underwear, it’s probably over a decade old. Those knit plaid boxer shorts, that came in a value pack and don’t stretch and have rips in the seams, need to be disposed of. Those ancient whitey tighties, well they aren’t white anymore, trash those now. We mean trashed, hazardous waste style. Don’t use them for rags, and don’t make us explain why you don’t use old underwear as cleaning rags (maybe we’ll save that for another day).

We know most of you have a “lucky pair” that you remember from a few good nights. We get you, we had lucky pairs as well, but if that lucky pair is older than your car, it’s run out of luck and it’s time to get a new pair. We also know your lady doesn’t want to celebrate an anniversary with you in those nasty skivs you wore the 1st time. She may not tell you, but she wants to see you looking fresh and sexy in new underwear the same way you like seeing her in new lingerie. Let’s be real, if she came out sporting the same lingerie & underwear from that 1st time, complete with skids and tracks (like you do), would you be grinning ear to ear like you did the 1st time? Doubt It! We bet you might run for the lights, because, if she catches that look on your face, Game Time  just became Game Over.

So, here’s the deal men. You should be replacing your men’s underwear every 6 to 12 months. We know that sounds like a lot, but we want you to be on top of your world. Even if you don’t replace your underwear that often, we suggest you start cycling through them. Mix it up with multiple styles like boxer briefs of different leg lengths and colors, modern briefs, a boxer short for hanging out. Above all, find underwear that’s comfortable. We are biased and know UnderGents are as comfortable as it gets, but do what’s right, even if that is another brand. Think about it this way, those old underwear are absorbing all the leftover waster, sweat, and stink you are dropping down there. Most men wear the same underwear once a week so after a year those puppies have been worn 52 times. Would you keep your running shirt after doing 52 marathons in it?

If you got this far and have not run to buy new UnderGents underwear, and if you are ready to refresh, we are giving you a coupon code to save 20% on your next order, use the code word ‘decade’ at checkout to save.

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