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Men's Boxer Shorts

The Ultimate In Comfort Underneath For Those That Love Freedom & Comfort Underneath

Do you want to feel fresh, free, and loose underneath? UnderGents' (new) CloudSoft comfort boxer short is a dream come true for men that like to flow through their day and feel free to move any way they want. Say goodbye to those bunching woven boxers that bunch & ride up the first time you sit down. No more adjusting your shorts a thousand times a day. These comfort boxer shorts have a perfect drape, use our ultra-soft CloudSoft fabric that is cooling and breathable to give you the freedom you love without squeezing the hood, keeping you cool, dry, and stink free.

You will be amazed how you feel like you are wearing a Cloud of softness. Feel the freedom in UnderGents Inspirato performance Boxer Shorts. Once you wear these boxer shorts you may not want to wear anything else.


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UnderGents Ultimate Men's Boxer Short: Ultra-Soft Pure Comfort and Freedom

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