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What Does Your Underwear Style Preference Say About You?

What Does Your Underwear Style Preference Say About You?

Whether you’re the type of guy who grabs whatever’s at the top of the drawer, or you painstakingly pre-plan how you’ll “wrap your package,” underwear preference can say a lot about a man’s personality. While scientists aren’t pulling all-nighters at the lab to figure out the reasons behind the male species’ skivvy selections, there could be some substance to back up some possible theories as to why some guys never stray from the basic brief and others would rather “free ball” than ever deal with bunched-up boxers.

Here we’ll pair some personality traits as well as other related pairings between men and their underwear preference. See if you can spot your own behaviors and attitudes with the sections below. You may even realize you’re not wearing the type of underwear that best suits your unique qualities. A switcheroo may be just what you need to become the man you were meant to be. Remember there is no bad underwear style, but there is bad underwear comfort out there, so no matter your style, choose comfort, choose UnderGents

Men’s Briefs:

They may not always be tight…or white, but they are brief. The butt-cheek-hugging briefs are a lot of guys’ go-to, whether it’s nostalgia (1st style he ever wore) or convenience. Briefs underwear are what most boys are first introduced to as an underwear style and some guys simply never grow out of them. While many men have moved to other styles, the brief is tried and true, and the brief man likes consistency. He doesn’t fix what’s not broken. The brief is for men that like some support but don’t want to be smothered. They don’t want to be flopping free like a nomad, but they also don’t want too much restriction. They want support where and when it’s needed, but they don’t want it overdone like a bike short with compression. The modern briefs man is comfortable showing what he’s got and getting free and loose when the mood hits him (he can rock it at Burning Man). The briefs man is usually pretty sexual and has a high libido. The brief assures him he won’t be popping any tent poles in the middle of the office when he’s solving problems and chasing dreams. UnderGents has taken this old-fashioned style up a notch with modern cut and style, more breathable fabrics, & a super soft feel so even the boys get a caress in these undies. UnderGents awesome modern brief means men can flaunt it and be comfortable whether they are a grower or shower. The briefs guy is into well-balanced meals and easy-to-make recipes. Yes, he’ll even do the cooking, as long as the ingredients’ list doesn’t exceed five items (seasonings included). He never skips breakfast even if all he has time for is a Pop Tart

The Briefs Guy’s Perfect Date:

Dinner then make a move. The briefs guy is simple, but he gets the job done. Why fix something that ain’t broke, as they say. Mind you, this dinner is nothing fancy, but the food is filling, and the price is practical. He doesn’t bother with a movie because he wants the action or rom-com to happen back at his place. He may not show the sensitive side on that date but as for those moves? The old stretch and slip an arm around the shoulder may be predictable, but it puts things in motion. If he’s feeling comfortable, and in UnderGents he will, he may excuse himself for a moment and next thing you know, he walks by in his skivvies. He’s using the let it be seen and then put something else on move, or he’s ready to be risky & get down to business. What happens next….

The Briefs Guy’s Hobbies:

A “Mr. Fix-It” at heart, the briefs guy is a hands-on type who’d rather fiddle around with a busted pipe than paint with watercolors. His hobbies are action-oriented with something to show for it at the end of the day. Pastimes like reading or listening to music don’t produce anything practical (in his opinion), so he’ll rake the leaves rather than stop and smell the roses.

Boxer Briefs:

It would be too easy to classify the boxer briefs guy as the perfect combination of the briefs guy and the boxers’ guy, but there’s far more to the the boxer briefs guy than meets the eye. From his modern sensibilities to his flair for fashion, this fella is forward-thinking, friendly, fun, and cares about what others think. He is usually a convert from the brief or boxer short and is following trends and doesn’t like to be left out. Making a shift for something sleeker means more options and more coverage. The boxer brief man is usually trying new underwear brands because he comes from other styles and can find many boxer briefs either too tight and stifling or too long on the leg. Now that UnderGents has introduced the first true form boxer brief, men are realizing they can have the coverage and freedom of movement like a boxer short with the touch of support that comes with a brief. In UnderGents boxer brief, the legs aren’t squeezed but rather, they are caressed or hugged in CloudSoft fabric that means the man can strut his stuff and not feel like he’s showing too much or too little. The boxer brief guy can be a health nut and likes to try the fad diets or juice cleanses, but he knows he must have protein, but at nice dinners he skips the bread bowl. He generally follows a well balanced diet and is always worried about putting on a few.

The Boxer Brief Guy On A Date:

This boxer brief guy is a pleaser and he’s planning for how to make sure his date is happy will try and plan something the date likes. He is comfortable adding a movie or club after dinner so he can show his sensitive side and his fun side. When he’s with his bros he’s likely to have a bourbon old fashioned or vodka soda but on the date he either goes for a bottle of wine or a mule. He wants to show that he’s got facets. If he gets back to his date’s place he may pull the naked man routine because strutting out in boxer briefs leaves to much up in the air (are his legs to skinny, is the bulge not big enough, does his butt appear to flat or too round) and he doesn’t like to face a questionable face. He would rather get the green light with the naked man or the flat-out rejection and say he mis read the signs.

The Boxer Briefs Guy’s Average Weekend:

There’s booze, brunch, and hanging with bros, but he usually starts each Saturday and Sunday with a vigorous workout and gentlemanly grooming. The boxer briefs guy has FOMO and fills most of every minute, never turning down an invitation to meet or an opportunity to try something new. He’ll go to the art museum or a concert, but don’t expect to see him following a list. Chores and errands can be done later, so he’ll get the boring stuff done mid-week when the singles are shopping.

 Boxer Shorts Underwear:

Loose and freeing, the men who make boxers their underwear/undies of choice aim for freedom and comfort. Before getting fully dressed, they relish the breeze as it sweeps up their thighs and sets the tone for their day. The boxer short guy may be a power broker or love the 80’s but he’s usually not the first guy to change his clothing style but he does know his music. He’s still not sure about skinny pants, and who can blame him, because those boxers never feel great jammed in and bunched up. The boxer short guy thinks that if he wanted to be squeezed underneath he would switch styles. This guy may invest in his wardrobe but it will always be in classic styles that are timeless. This guy can rock the pleats like a posh British royal. The boxers guy has plenty of pairs to choose from, but he will swap out undies at the gym for the built-in undies in his workout shorts. Now that UnderGents is introducing a new boxer short that carries UnderGents heritage of comfort, this guy is in for some new surprises. The UnderGents new boxer short is loose but tapered to follow the leg. The CloudSoft fabric is a win times ten for the boxer shorts man because he can get out of that woven underwear and now enjoy all the great attributes of a boxer short in UnderGents knit ultra soft CloudSoft material that is cooling and stretchy. The boxer short guy hits the gym but he doesn’t worry about or count his calories. He knows what he likes and goes for it. If he notices his belly getting bigger, he’ll swap out some carbs and starch for a salad but he’d rather add some miles rather than give up the food and drink he enjoys and he always makes room for dessert.

The Boxer Shorts Guy On A Date:

The man in boxer shorts has time on his side. He plans his dates based on how he feels that day and hopes his date will enjoy it too. He likes to say it will be a surprise. He can have that spontaneous and fun outlook that comes from not being constrained underneath. This guy doesn’t mind a pop tent sprouting because he is confident in his goods and wants his date to know what’s available for the taking. If the date ends well, and he’s in his UnderGents boxer shorts, he knows she will love the soft and comfy feeling fabric and that hand may wander just where he wants. He knows that his awesome UnderGents boxer shorts are like a yellow brick road guiding her hands to the magic. His only worry is she’ll want to be wearing them the next morning and try and keep them for herself.

 The Boxer Short Guy’s Work Ethic:

This guy’s all business. He doesn’t mess around and won’t be passed over for a promotion. He’ll have his fun after hours and never misses a lunch break, but when he’s on the clock, he’s on the ball. When you need a co-worker you can count on who’s on time and knows what he’s doing, the boxers guy is Mr. Reliable. That said, generally speaking, we have no clue what type of underwear the guy in accounting is wearing, but we bet it’s from a multi-pack that came in a clear bag of some kind.

 Commando Man:

Lastly, we have the “commando” men who forgo underwear for reasons that run the gamut. Since this situation can be circumstantial – laundry day, or a lack of awareness that everyone can see his shaft’s silhouette through his sweatpants, it’s just too hard to pin down an all-encompassing personality type for the guy who has given up on underwear. The one thing we do know is that the commando man doesn’t feel like the rules apply to him. That said, if only he had a pair of UnderGents at the ready, he’d cover up and be a better man for it.

Are you ready to step up your underwear game?



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