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Confidence Is (Literally) Closer Than You Think

Confidence Is (Literally) Closer Than You Think

Have you ever noticed how some guys have an air of confidence that seems almost too cool to be legit? They saunter, perhaps even strut into any room with so much charm that it’s contagious. Picture a man with his head held high, a smile that’s sparkling, and electrifying eye contact that is just on the verge of being a stare. But this bad boy’s so bold, that even his glued gaze is unreal. Less-fearless fellas either think this gent’s a jerk or he is so self-centered that it’s borderline BS. Others wish they could mimic the man’s machismo, be it made up or the real deal.

Guys…it is not an's their underwear.

We’re not alluding to the fact that his garment is “skid-mark” free for once or that he is not dealing with a worrisome “wedgie” situation. This suave individual made it his mission to slip into UnderGents before finishing his head-to-toe look and letting himself shine. See, comfortable men’s underwear is the foundation for fearlessness. The cornerstone to confidence. And the prop to his…well…private parts. Hey, manhood does have its base (so to speak), and any UnderGents wearer knows it lies inside a well-fitting, cooling pair of briefs or boxers, or a combination of the two.

Relying on underwear to unleash your courageousness?

Some may think the sentiment is shocking, perhaps stupid, but without well-made men’s underwear underneath a pair of work-appropriate slacks or even sporty sweatpants, a guy’s “game” is basically garbage. When your “tighty whities” are more like “loosies” or your boxer briefs are so big and baggy they could clothe a second set of butt cheeks, there is absolutely zero chance you feel even remotely Romeo-esque. You’re inching closer to an “Al Bundy” type with one hand tucked inside your waistband and the other wrapped around a can of cheap beer. This sort of guy is going nowhere, and probably not “getting any” either.

A simple, stylish solution…

The man who honors his humanness by giving a rat’s behind whether or not his underwear is acceptable is already achieving. He is proud of his presence and determined to not let himself go, even if no one else can see it. This gentleman could be a professor or a police officer. A stay-at-home dad or a shop owner. No matter the man’s past, his present place in life, or plans for the future, without that core charisma and confidence, everything else unravels. Just like a pair of worn-out underwear.

UnderGents is for every guy. Good-looking or good personality, tall or short, young or old, fit or flabby. No two men are the same, but they can start their day nearly identically. Slipping into a pair of men’s underwear that is made well and modern is a must. Just like brushing your teeth and combing your hair (if you still have yours), putting on a pair is one, or more accurately, two steps closer to perfection. You do not need affirmations or a pat on the back for a confidence boost. All you need is a great pair of underwear.



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