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Santa Claus in UnderGents Boxer Brief, official underwear of Christmas

UnderGents Are The Official Underwear Of Christmas

UnderGents, the Official Underwear of Santa Claus!

This 2020 Christmas season, Santa & UnderGents have teamed up to help give men the gift of comfort & joy. Santa hopes you will help spread comfort, joy, and glad tidings to all the men you care about. The Holidays bring a sense of joy and are a time of year when men can express themselves without feeling self-conscious or foolish. In UnderGents, it will feel like Santa waved a magic wand and everything is softer and more beautiful.

Help the men in your life be more comfortable this Christmas, and all year long. Whether you want to gift him his new favorite pair as a stocking stuffer, or a new drawer-full of comfort 7 days a week, UnderGents has got you covered. The world’s most comfortable men’s underwear (boxer briefs, briefs, boxer shorts, & lounge wear) will have men so comfortable you will think he has been nipping at the eggnog for days.

While the best gifts of Christmas are spending time with those you care about, a close second has to be a gift that has someone you care about feeling good and comfortable. Comfort Guaranteed & Those Happy Smiles Are Just a Bonus!

While UnderGents are the official Underwear of Santa, there are a number of other great gifts for the men on your list this year. UnderGents is all about making men’s lives joyous and more comfortable; and we wanted to share some of the great items that men will enjoy this Christmas.

  1. UnderGents Men’s Underwear: You know we had to drop ourselves in 1st position as a man being comfortable underneath leads to him enjoying all the other great things on our list this year. UnderGents offers a full line of styles to suit any man and comfort is guaranteed. CloudSoft comfort that cools the undercarriage so men can perform all day, every day. Enjoy a pair as a stocking stuffer or replenish is outdated underwear drawer with colors and comfort for every day of the week.
  2. Proof Syrup: The craft cocktail explosion shows no signs of abating this year and we found a nice little cocktail helper in Proof Syrups. These syrups are a quick an easy way to spruce up your Old Fashioned in 2 seconds (or less) without having to worry about bitters, sugar cubes, simple syrup, citrus oil, or cherries. Just add your favorite spirit, ice, and a little proof syrup and you will be handing out delicious cocktails to all your friends.
  3. The GoDonut: A wonderful phone & tablet stand that uses grooves to hold your phone or tablet up in six different configurations. Whether he’s working all the time or would enjoy a stand to hold his phone up for texts and fantasy updates while he changes channels and enjoys his cocktail, this is a great stocking stuffer for men that appreciate simple and practical gifts.
  4. GlowBowl: All right, we added this one as a fun addition for men that get up a few times a night. If he’s over 30 and starting to get up once (or 10 times) a night to pee this is a gift that he will truly appreciate. This is a motion activated light that illuminates the bowl when he enters and turns off when he leaves. There are 13 color options to play with (anybody say light show) and it even has a replaceable air freshener.
  5. Swagger Lounge Wear by UnderGents: Now that we gave you a few great ideas for the men in your life, you can give him the lounge set he needs to enjoy all these great gift ideas. The Swagger Lounge Collection features the same ultra-soft CloudSoft fabric as our underwear in a jogger style pant and crew-neck t-shirt. We have been known to wear them from bed to the home office to the grocery, and even to some of the kids sports on weekends. Fully functioning pockets mean we have a place for everything. This is comfort that until recently men only dreamed about.
  6. HolyGrailSteaks: They are expensive cuts of meat, but if you want to get him an indulgence he will love and that you can benefit from as well, we can think of things worse than Japanese A5 Wagyu Steaks. Just check out their website and look at the incredible marbling and your mouth will be watering, well yours may not but your special guy’s will. He will grill them up and be proud to claim his grill prowess has improved when you bite into this buttery soft and flavorful meat.
  7. Weighted Blanket: We didn’t choose a specific brand for this gift as we found most of the weighted blankets we tested were pretty similar, although we would recommend one with a bamboo cover for that soft feeling and have the blanket be over at least 12 pounds. You will find he enjoys relaxing in bed or on the couch with a little weight helps relax him.
  8. Skull Swizzle Sticks & Cocktail Spoon: Men enjoy showing off their home bar and the accoutrements that help make a fine cocktail. Now that he has a great syrup to help make a cocktail he needs a great bar spoon that shouts “I’m Cool” without being to over-the-top. The various chrome and black skull cocktail spoons and swizzle sticks will take the cocktails he serves his buddies over the top. All his friends will be going home envious of his home bar and cocktails. He does not even need that bottle of Pappy to elevate his bar.

We hope these ideas help you enjoy your holidays a bit more and we would love to hear about any ideas you have that we missed. Feel free to drop us a line at and we will be sure to update our lists for future articles.

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