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For Guys On The Move - Comfort Rules

For Guys On The Move - Comfort Rules

Now that the nation is recovering from over a year of Covid related disruptions, and changes to people’s routines, activities, and socializing, men are back on the move, and they don’t want to be uncomfortable any longer, and comfort rules. The past year has taught us all that we do not like being uncomfortable. Work from home fashion allowed men (and women) to find styles that helped alleviate the uncomfortableness of needing to be at home more than at any time in their past. As we are a men’s underwear brand, we focus on men’s comfort. What we saw was men wanted to feel FREE while they worked from home and binged on content as a distraction from the isolation.

The days of laying on the couch in sweats and underwear moved to the home office styled in lounge wear (UnderGents Swagger Lounge Sets if they were smart), and underwear with a shirt on top (for those Zoom & Teams meetings), and essential workers searched for more comfort in their workplace styles. UnderGents was able to provide men more comfort underneath than ever before and have sold out of top colors and styles several times in the past year. Our array of men’s basics; including boxer briefs, briefs, boxer shorts, and loungewear, were able to give men that much needed ultra-soft comfort and coolness underneath.

Now that we are heading into the summer months and men are on the move by going back to the office, starting new adventures, and getting together with friends and family, they no longer want to feel constricted; and, that means saying good bye and good riddance to those old constricting underwear that make men feel like they are back in lockdown. Men’s thighs don’t need to feel squeezed and constrained any longer. UnderGents CloudSoft fabric and designs skim the leg, without squeezing like a bike short, to provide the incredibly soft and cooling comfort that make men feel confident and courageous to take on anything life throws at them. We know for a “fact” that men that feel good underneath, feel better in everything else they do. UnderGents are perfect for men that are heading out and about and want to stay cool, dry, and odor free underneath (hey, you never know what can happen when you feel this good, and you want to ready). Men that really like to feel free are converting over to our modern take on the tried-and-true boxer short. UnderGents boxer short has a tapered leg versus the old school flared leg, so you enjoy all the freedom of movement known with a boxer short along with a styled look that feels great under any shorts or pants. We hope all of you will keep those emails coming that share all your adventures and newfound comfort in UnderGents. We want you all to head out and get moving in UnderGents and revel in the joy and smiles on your face knowing you are comfortable.

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