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Are you feeling a little bigger around the middle these days?

Are you feeling a little bigger around the middle these days?

Are you feeling a little bigger around the middle these days? No matter if it’s the Covid plus 15 or just life sometimes men pack on the pounds. Then there is a question about what Underwear is great for a bigger guy? If you are feeling a bit fatter, or are a big and tall man, UnderGents will give you the underwear comfort you’ve been looking for.

Gaining weight and size as we men move past our twenties is a normal life change and results in changes to how we look and what we feel good wearing in our daily lives. Men can become frustrated with how things fit and most of the time they just keep trying to grind through wearing the same things they have always worn. We know firsthand what this is like and the biggest challenge we found after gaining weight was comfortable underwear. That’s why UnderGents was born. As we matured and began focusing on our children’s lives we found less time to maintain our exercise routine and we were enjoying a few too many nuggets and slices that our kids enjoy. After quickly gaining 20 pounds we were needing larger waist size pants and found existing underwear lacking. Our boxer briefs started to feel like a vice with a heating coil and we would need to get to the restroom at work just to drop trow to feel some relief and cool things down for a few moments before heading back to the desk. This might explain why so many men are reading the paper in the can, it’s a way to drag out the cool down before tightening everything back up for another few hours working the phones or spreadsheets.

We wanted to alleviate this problem for the majority of men and developed UnderGents men’s underwear as the comfortable men’s underwear alternative for men tired of being force fed brands that could care less about men’s comfort. We have always said look at what is being done versus said and we stand by our comfort, in fact, we guarantee our men’s underwear, or loungewear comfort. This is achieved by designing our underwear to be a bit bigger in the areas that matter, such as a wider leg, wider body panels, multiple panels that move with a man versus fewer pieces (i.e. lower cost) that pull across a body, using our CloudSoft® fabric featuring micro modal from Lenzing that is multiple times softer and cooler than cotton & polyester. We also use a lower level of elastic so our boxer brief skims the leg versus squeezing it tight. We think the UnderGents Boxer Short is the best short you will ever wear, period, and you will want to wear it out and about (we made sure to not add pockets to the boxer short because men would forget they had them on and head out). The Inpsirato Boxer Short uses our same great fabric and is designed as a boxer short so you feel and unencumbered down stairs.

UnderGents underwear is designed for every sized man, and is as comfortable on a big man with a 50 inch waist as a 30 inch waist guy. We know guys complain about underwear that is too tight, is chafing and itchy, and causes sweating and stink. These are not problems that men have to ignore. There is a comfortable solution for you. When you don’t feel good in what you are wearing it shows up in what you are doing. The best performing men realize UnderGents helps them improve versus holding them back. The great thing about UnderGents men’s underwear is you will feel good in all our styles, whether you are a boxers or briefs man, or choose the best of both worlds and wear a boxer brief, we have you covered in comfort. We think UnderGents are the only brand of men’s underwear that you will truly enjoy and want to wear every day.


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