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Summertime doesn’t mean you need to bake your beans unless it’s for the BBQ.

Summertime doesn’t mean you need to bake your beans unless it’s for the BBQ.

This spring & summer, your shopping habits are likely to be a bit different. But one thing that will stay constant is your need for breathable cooling underwear. That means basics (boxer briefs, briefs, boxer shorts, & Swagger lounge wear) that help you stay cool & dry underneath. Here in AZ, the temperatures have soared well past 100 degrees already and the 110+ degree days are beginning this week. We know a thing or three about dealing with the heat and what it feels like underneath. Every summer, your list should include a refresh to that underwear drawer. You don’t want to head into the hot and/or humid days of summer sporting that same underwear from last year. While people are divided on a number of things, one thing all men can agree on is the uncomfortable feeling that comes with underwear soggy and stinky from summer heat & sweat.

We believe your best option to feel fresh underneath all summer is wearing UnderGents men’s underwear made with our CloudSoft micro modal. Shown to be multiple times softer and cooler than cotton and polyester (or god forbid, wool), you are sure to feel better underneath in UnderGents.

The genius of UnderGents is the thermo-regulating CloudSoft fabric coupled with our Vitruvian Man designs that move with men’s bodies, offering comfort without compression. That means top functionality, moisture wicking stay dry (and stink free) comfort. Polyester is great for a base layer during an NFL game in the winter, but men don’t want or need that furnace and compression the rest of the day, especially in the summer heat. UnderGents Inspirato Boxer Briefs are so lightweight and freeing, guys may feel like they’re going commando without worrying about any sweat streaks coming through their shorts. As we always say comfort without compression means UnderGents underwear will gently skim along your legs without squeezing in any uncomfortable ways (avoiding that bike short feeling).

Summertime doesn’t mean you need to bake your beans unless it’s for the BBQ. Keep yourself feeling dry and odor free in cooling comfort this summer. We invite all guys to feel the summertime difference that comes with wearing soft cooling UnderGents. What’s Underneath is Important!

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