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What is CloudSoft Micro Modal (UnderGents Signature Fabric)?

What is CloudSoft Micro Modal (UnderGents Signature Fabric)?

Many people reach out to learn more about our incredibly soft men’s underwear and what is CloudSoft Micro Modal. We want everyone to understand why our fabric is great, soft, & cooling. First, it’s important to understand that our CloudSoft fabric uses a blend of 95% Lenzing micro modal & 5% Lycra elastic. One of the first questions many want to now is what is micro modal and why is it fantastic?

Micro modal is a semi-synthetic fiber made from beech trees. How can trees be used for fabric, you ask? Lenzing was the first to develop Modal in the 1950’s. They developed a process to use the cellulose of beech trees to create yarns that could be knit and woven. One of the reasons beech trees are used by Lenzing is that beech trees multiply by rejuvenation and are self-propagating and sustainable. When Modal was first developed it was viewed as an ideal human use fiber. It had qualities similar to cotton and a strength similar to Viscose.  During the ongoing development Modal improved and then in the 1990’s Lenzing introduced Micro Modal. Micro Modal fibers are very thin and strong along with high flexibility. This results in a fabric that is incredibly soft on the skin and is highly absorbent and pulls moisture away from the skin.

When we were developing UnderGents we investigated fabrics and wanted to find what would be the best material for men’s underneath comfort (great men’s underwear need to have great comfort). We landed on Lenzing’s micro modal because of all the positive inherent properties that men notice when the fabric is worn. These include; a) incredible softness (multiple times softer than cotton and other synthetic fabrics so it feels silky soft and comfortable against the skin; b) moisture management, in that micro modal is much more effective than cotton in pulling moisture away from the skin (while cotton absorbs and bloats in that diaper like fashion) while also avoiding bacterial growth (have you noticed how polyester and sports technical fabrics hold a stink even after washing? It’s because they wick moisture but support bacteria growth between the fibers which modal avoids); c) cooling on the skin, our micro modal blend keeps men cool underneath and has been shown to feel 20% cooler (men say Wow that’s Not Hot!). As you can see, those elements alone make for a great pair of underwear, But Wait, There’s More. Our blend of CloudSoft Micro Modal has even more benefits that include high fiber/fabric strength, color vibrancy and color retention (holds it’s color and dyes well and continue to be bright), and easy to launder and care for.

Now let’s talk about the environment. There is a lot of discussion these days about textiles and their effect on the environment. We all care about the earth and our home and that is another reason we chose to work with Lenzing Micro Modal to develop our CloudSoft fabric. Lenzing has a history of being dedicated to sustainability and the environment. They adhere to a strict compliance program and utilize trees that are sourced from sustainably grown forests. All of the Lenzing Micro Modal fibers are certified as biodegradable and compostable under home, industrial, soil, & marine conditions, and return to nature. During production over 95% of any chemicals used are recycled. This results in UnderGents products being sustainable and feeling great no matter what your world view is.

We like to say that UnderGents men’s underwear feel natural because they are natural. Our products are from nature, in tune with nature, and are a feel good companion for all your adventures. We encourage all men to start wearing UnderGents. The best boxer briefs, briefs, boxer shorts, and Swagger lounge wear will change how you feel every day.

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