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Your Underwear…Do They Even Care? Women Weigh In

Your Underwear…Do They Even Care? Women Weigh In

In this week's briefing, Melissa gives us some insights into what women may be thinking about men's underwear.

Impressing the ladies can be lifelong work. Men who are willing to pull out all the stops to show a woman what he’s worth will go to great lengths to get her to take notice. He will take her to the finest restaurants, send her flowers for no reason (or at least a good one), shower her with jewels and gifts, and show her a good time. Whether she’s “the one” or a one-night stand, a guy who’s got his “eye on the prize” is putty in her hands. The thrill of the chase winds up with him in her corner, and when she is also interested, everyone’s excited.

Getting Down To Business

When intimacy is part of the picture, clothes come off and curiosity captivates. A new relationship has its adventures, and long-term commitments still have their charms. No matter the stage or scenario, one thing remains constant. You’re wearing underwear…or not…but let’s say skivvies are a wardrobe staple that’s a steady thing, for argument’s sake.

Guys may not care much about what’s going on under their blue jeans as much as they’re interested in the pretty panties under his girl’s party dress, but women are paying close attention. Shredding, stains, or heaven forbid, “skid marks” can turn what was about to be a hot night into a hot mess. And for the females who are fond of a fella who goes the extra mile to make sure his head-to-toe look is spot on? They want more than a pair of undies that guys in junior high and grandpas toss in their carts at thrift stores. Dapper dressing is a must-do, right down to the underwear.

Your (Very) Personal Stylist

Thankfully, for the men who have the fashion sense of a squirrel, UnderGents is here to rescue those lacking street smarts in the “down there” department. From boxer briefs to modern briefs to boxer shorts, and lounge wear, all styles are covered and super comfortable. A good fit means everything from a woman’s perspective, as gaps and sags are so not sexy. Not to mention the array of cool colors to show you’ve got some personality, as well as moisture-wicking properties so your dampness doesn’t put a damper on your date. “Swamp ass” is a night-ender like no other.

There are guys who don’t care for underwear at all. To each his own, but perhaps they’ve just never found the right pair. No annoying tags and supple softness makes UnderGents feel like a cloud where the sun doesn’t shine. Plus, letting it all hang out may turn a woman off, or at least catch her off-guard. For the sake of easing into things, give underwear a go and go from there. You may actually realize what you’ve been missing. Your top dresser drawer can finally be put to good use.

It Takes Two…

Of course, there are ladies out there who could care less about your underwear. That said, it’s only fair if you return the favor and deal with whatever she decides to put on. “Granny panties” are far from flattering, and when her undies have the days of the week embroidered on the band, you know she’s never showing up to surprise you in a negligee under her trench coat. So, put out what you want back and up your underwear game. UnderGents make it a breeze, and you won’t bust your wallet to work them into your wardrobe.

Get On It!

Fellas…there’s a fine line between being a “regular” guy and a gentleman. Bridge the gap with better boxers and briefs. Your special someone will see that you’re sensible and stylish, and when you’re in the moment, your confidence will come through. Toss your torn pairs in the trash and slide into something special.

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