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Why is finding Comfortable Men's underwear so hard? UnderGents makes it easy.

Why Is Finding Comfortable & Cool Men’s Underwear So Hard?

Purchasing underwear can be tricky for guys, and we certainly don’t make it easy for ourselves. We neglect fabric quality, fit, airflow, and support and wind up buying underwear that looks good but feels appallingly uncomfortable.

Brands, designers, and manufacturers know many guys aren’t vigilant when finding the perfect men’s undies, so they focus on style over substance. At Undergents, we don’t believe in that method – cutting corners isn’t for us. Thorough research, testing, and development enabled us to create the best underwear for guys that looks amazing and feels incredible.

 So, how did we do it?


Be honest, when was the last time you checked men’s underwear packaging to see what fabric they’re made from? Furthermore, could you tell us what materials feel the best and are the most durable?

We found that a selection of fabrics brought different qualities to the table, so we created our perfect blend – CloudSoft. Made from an all-natural plant-based micro-modal blend, it offers a unique silk-like feel, moisture-wicking properties, and cooling attributes, making the ideal wearing experience.

 Tension & Fit

Traditionally, we stick to one style of men’s underwear because we can’t take the risk of trying something new. Over the years, you’ve been told to wear a specific type of underwear for your body shape, and you just have to deal with it – not with UnderGents.

The unique paneled design of our briefs, boxer briefs, and boxers provide the perfect tension and versatile fit needed to suit every man. Now, you can choose underwear based on your personal style preference because every pair fits and feels perfect.


The modern man is busy and always on the go. Whether you’re taking the kids to school, on the road for work, pumping iron at the gym, playing ball with your buddies, at the club, on a date, or chilling on the couch – you want to feel chilled, relaxed, and cool.

However, most underwear doesn’t give you that option. You’ve probably got multiple pairs for different occasions because it’s impossible to find one style and brand that’s wearable all day every day. Well, it used to be impossible. The construction of UnderGents gives you ultimate flexibility and freedom of movement because no matter where you are or what you’re doing, your nuts are free to breathe and be supported. Better yet, these men’s underpants move with your body, meaning no chafing, itching, scratching, or irritation.


Sweating is natural, everyone does it, but many undies don't help your cause – they’re either constricting, too tight, or made from materials that trap heat and sweat rather than moving it away from the body. You know how it goes – if your nuts are hot and uncomfortable, so is the rest of your body.

When shopping for men’s breathable underwear, you should be looking for quick-drying and moisture-wicking properties that are designed to keep the gents downstairs at an enjoyable temperature. Better yet, these basic features will keep your underwear from generating nasty odors.

Rarely will you find underwear that offers everything, so shop our range to find a style that suits you and change your life today!

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