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What Makes UnderGents The Most Comfortable Men’s Underwear?

What Makes UnderGents The Most Comfortable Men’s Underwear?

Our purpose in launching a new men’s underwear brand was to redefine what every man can expect in terms of comfort and function in his underwear. UnderGents has taken underwear architecture and engineering to a new lev el by focusing on incredible comfort that is both gentle and supportive to a Gents most important area. To achieve this revolutionary new underwear (boxer briefs, trunks, & briefs), we researched what men disliked and liked about their current underwear and used this feedback as a roadmap to create comfortable underwear that would drastically improve from the 70% dissatisfaction rate men currently have with their underwear.

Many of the problems we heard about most included: boxer briefs that feel too tight like a compression short or cycling short, boxer brief legs that are too long and squeeze the thighs down to the knee, underwear made of petroleum based polyester that are hot like a furnace down below, cotton underwear that is rough and scratchy, briefs that are unflattering and boxy in the rear, traditional boxer shorts that are bulky and bunch up in pants and shorts (especially in flat front pants and skinnier styles), boxer shorts that have no support, trunks that ride up creating a wedgie, briefs that capture and hold moisture like a diaper, tags that are itchy, waistbands that fold over and lose shape after a wash cycle, seams and sewing on the rear that are rough and are felt whenever sitting down that cause constant shifting.

We used these comments as challenges we needed to solve in order to develop men’s underwear that the majority of men would enjoy wearing every day and for every situation.  We focused on comfort factors in our development that included; 1) sourcing non-petroleum based materials and fabric blends that are incredibly soft while also comfortably cool against a man’s skin, which resulted in our unique CloudSoft™ fabric; 2) developing and utilizing a multi-panel construction design to account for the way a man moves so there is no binding on one side while movement occurs somewhere else (our Vitruvian-Man underwear design); 3) using flat-lock stitching to combine the ultra-soft material panels together so there is no chafing, itching, or scratching; 4) developing a custom no-roll tag-less moisture wicking waistband that is soft inside and out; and, 5) developing men’s underwear styles that addressed the tightness and looseness men were struggling with. The outcome of this focus is the world’s most comfortable underwear that is soft and cooling on the skin.

It Starts with Our Unique Material Selection:

We began by testing a multitude of materials and gathering feedback and test results, then repeating the process until we felt ultra-comfortable in the precision fabric blend that would insure each pair of UnderGents underwear (Boxer Briefs, Men’s Trunks, and Briefs) would meet our UnderGents “Under-Gentle Promise” for comfort & satisfaction. Our CloudSoft™ natural sourced micro modal blend has been researched and developed to provide unequaled softness along with support and stretch to keep you comfortable all the time. Our CloudSoft™ material has a cooling silk-like feel on the skin, is multiple times more absorbent than cotton, has incredible air permeability to keep you cool and dry all day long, and is sourced from nature. This incredible material is great for working all day, going out all night, lounging, or exercising.

The natural elements of our modal blend don’t retain heat or have the harsh chemical elements of many petroleum based micro-fibers and synthetic materials. We don’t want to wrap your family jewels in chemical byproducts with unknown effects and we know we are not the only people to see a pattern in that the rate of testicular and prostate cancer has increased dramatically since petroleum based synthetic fabrics have become mainstream in a number of fashion brand underwear. We want you to be vigorous in life and one sure way to help make that happen is to insure it doesn’t feel like a furnace in your drawers. With UnderGents, you will be cool as a cucumber all day long (or better said, your cucumber will be cool all day long!).

All UnderGents Men’s Underwear Have:

Multi-Panel Construction Follows Male Geometry:

Our CloudSoft Comfort Design (CCD) was inspired by Renaissance Master Leonardo Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man and Vitruvius’s research in human proportion. The Vitruvian Man drawing is iconic in its design that represents correlations of human proportions with geometry. While many have used the drawing for artistic purposes, we furthered its use as an example of the proportional movements of the male body and the need to take universal movement into account (why it took 500 years to use this inspiration for comfortable men’s underwear is still a mystery to us). While our fabrics are incredibly soft and luxurious, that wasn’t enough, and we next focused on developing designs that eliminate the bunching, pulling, and rubbing that occurs while wearing most other underwear. UnderGents’ unique multi-panel design follows the geometry of male anatomy and movement. Our designs provide the space you need in certain areas, unbelievable flexibility of movement, and structural support to be going all day and night. Our unique multi-panel design with contoured groin panels allow the underwear to move the way your body moves without the pulling and binding that is so common in most underwear.

Flat Seams:

To bring the material and panel design together and maintain unrivaled comfort, we use flatlock stitching to keep everything smooth that touches the body. Most underwear brands use low cost stitching with raised seams that rub and chafe the body, which is a sloppy and self-defeating structure. UnderGents reversed that thinking to put the softest flattest seams facing the body. This avoids chafing, scratching, and that mysterious itch that comes and goes throughout the day when you move.

Custom Waistband:

Our UnderGents men’s underwear custom waistbands follow the same intricate design aspects as the rest of our product. Comfort and durability are the most important factors in a waistband. Our multi-ply jacquard bands insure softness and comfort all the way around your body. We are always amazed at other premium brands using a cheap itching or textured band that folds over and scrunches with wear. UnderGents custom waistbands are designed to maintain softness and resist the scrunching and rolling that is common in many other leading brands. In addition, our tagless care labels are heat transferred to the back of the underwear so they are flat and have a zero-feel on your body. We don’t want you pulling and itching due to that sewn-in tag that is the hallmark of underwear irritation in other brands.

The Result:

UnderGents Boxer Brief and Trunk designs incorporate a modern marriage of boxer brief attributes with traditional boxer shorts. UnderGents boxer briefs and trunks are looser on the leg than the tight compression short/cycle short feel that men find uncomfortable and hot during the day and night. They also gently hug the leg and body in a modern sleek manner to allow for free movement, and move with you versus pulling and binding. They also have incredible air flow to keep you cool and odor free while also fitting nicely behind shorts and slacks.

The UnderGents Modern Brief is a new brief design that is as close to the traditional whitey tighty as a Tesla is to a Model T. Our new Brief uses our light CloudSoft fabric with a geometric front pouch to hold the boys in place while the legs open high towards the rear to provide free movement, insure comfort and offer a flattering look.

We know you will be comfortable and inspired every day in UnderGents men’s underwear so we named our flagship designs “Inspirato” and we hope you find a new adventure every day in UnderGents.


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