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UnderGents Is About Men's Underwear Comfort


The Evolution Of Men's Underwear

Once upon a time, not too long ago, men were wearing underwear that was nothing more than an equivalent to “the man diaper.” You’re probably asking, “What the heck is that?” Well, you can pretty much bet you were pulling one of these bad boys up between your legs at one point in your earlier lifetime. We categorize these dark times in the evolution of men’s underwear as “The 1st Wave”, which consisted of low-cost, multi-pack underwear available in only one or two drab styles. The cheap and uncomfortable underwear did nothing more than provide a barrier between skin and pants and were really nothing more than a skid pad.

Most guys remember 1st Wave Underwear as tighty-whities and plaid woven boxers (which went out of style years ago). You may also remember the scratchy thick straw-like cotton material, seams, and irritating tags in the back along with the pulling and bunching as you wore clothes and moved around. These “Caveman Pamps” commoditized the concept that being uncomfortable down below was the only option for your manhood, unless you went commando, which can feel good but sure leave your drawers in need of some special cleaning. Needless to say, it was a very dark time, when men had to simply suck it up, tuck it in, grit and smile while their boys down below were actually crying inside.

The 2nd wave of men’s underwear did little better than introduce a couple of fabrics beyond cotton, such as nylon and polyester. This phase in men’s underwear shifted to a heavy fashion label marketing approach that focused on striking a vogue pose but did very little to improve men’s comfort and these new 100% polyester options actually acted more like a furnace heating up a man (in the wrong way) and trapping heat, moisture, and odors in his underwear.

We saw the primary outcomes of the 2nd wave as uniformity and ubiquity in the style and underwear designs offered. In addition, men were introduced to the new world of compression and cycle short underwear that acted like a vice grip that were overly tight and increased the bunching and pulling so familiar with the 1st wave of men’s underwear. 2nd wave underwear familiarized men with the walk, adjust, shift movements that occur due to pulling in bunching when men move and walk due to the high compression levels inherent in the products.

These 2nd wave underwear also had big negatives that guys don’t like to talk about because they didn’t really understand what was happening.  The heavy use of petroleum based polyester and nylons trapped molecules of perspiration leading to bacteria growth and much higher levels of bad odors that left guys feeling sticky and sweaty, known to many as swamp butt and other colorful terms. (This also explains why 30% of men spray cologne in their underwear).

Today, UnderGents has taken underwear architecture and engineering to a new level known as the 3rd Wave of Men’s Underwear. We deconstructed what a man really wants from the underwear – Comfort, More Comfort, and Style. We took these factors to heart and began designing underwear focused on comfort that is incredibly soft, gentle, and supportive to every man’s most important area.

UnderGents is a refreshing change for the historically boring and confusing evolution of men’s underwear. By working with world-class designers and best-in-class manufacturers, UnderGents created a unique approach to underwear known as our “Vitruvian Man Underwear Design” that incorporates male geometry and movement to produce the world’s most comfortable men’s underwear – the perfect balance of gentle support with CloudSoft™ comfort.

Our CloudSoft™ fabrics and innovative product designs including multi-panel Vitruvius geometry construction with flat seams, custom comfort waistband, and comfort guarantee will provide you with the freedom of movement, style, and dry odor-free comfort to take on all of life’s adventures. We believe you will find UnderGents underwear with our CloudSoft™ fabric blends that wick away moisture and leave you dry and odor free to be the most comfortable underwear you will ever wear. Every man deserves Limitless Style & Comfort underneath. Every man deserves UnderGents.


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