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The 3rd Wave In Men's Underwear

What Makes UnderGents The Best, Most Comfortable, Men's Underwear

When 70% of Men are dissatisfied with their underwear due to comfort, regardless of style (including boxer briefs, briefs, boxer shorts, trunks, etc.), we knew it was time for things to change.
UnderGents has taken underwear architecture and engineering to a new level by focusing on comfort that is gentle and supportive to a Gents most important area. We believe we have produced the most comfortable men’s underwear for every man. To achieve this revolutionary underwear, we focused on the fabric, design, and construction to insure we delivered limitless comfort with style.

  • Developing/Sourcing our nature-based CloudSoft micro modal fabric blend that is incredibly soft while also comfortably cool against a man’s skin. CloudSoft™ is multiple times softer and more absorbent than cotton without the harshness and heat retention of petroleum based and polyester fabrics.
  • Our ‘Vitruvian man” multi-panel construction design accounts for the way a man moves so everything stays all-in and there is no binding on one side while movement occurs somewhere else.
  • Utilizing flat-lock stitching (inside smooth) to combine the ultra-soft material panels together so there is no chafing, itching, or scratching.
  • Developing a soft no-roll moisture wicking waistband that is soft inside and out.

CloudSoft™ Fabric Is Soft & Cooling

Our nature-based CloudSoft™ fabric with a unique micro modal blend has been researched and developed to provide unbelievable softness along with support and stretch to keep you comfortable and in-place, all of the time. 

CloudSoft™ material has a cooling silk-like feel on the skin, is multiple times more absorbent than cotton, has incredible air permeability to keep you cool, dry, and odor free all-day long. This incredible material is great for working all day, lounging, and exercising. The Picture below represents how different underwear fabrics feel on your crotch. Keep your boys as cool as a cucumber with UNDERGENTS! 


heat map showing undergents are cooler to the touch and men's genitals. multiple times softer and cooler than polyester or cotton


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