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Men, your comfort is important. Unbelievable comfort men's underwear boxer briefs. This male model and gorgeous female model on a mountain top featuring the silver fox in UnderGents 6 inch boxer brief with a horizontal fly. Black with red stitching

Boxer Briefs

Men, it's time to STOP feeling squeezed, hot, sweaty, & compressed underneath! You will feel cooler than a cucumber in the most comfortable boxer briefs available. No gimmicks downtown, just comfort! Made with our nature sourced and sustainable ultra-soft & cooling CloudSoft Micro Modal; your comfort is assured. The multi panel Vitruvian design gently skims the leg (no squeezing) and is designed to move with you and doesn't squeeze or pull across your body when you move. Whether you want the 4.5" mid-thigh leg length, or the 6" slightly longer leg, we have you covered. Fly over the top or choose the horizontal quick draw fly; the choice is yours. These are The Most Comfortable Boxer Briefs you will ever wear. We guarantee it!

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UnderGents men's brief with a 3D pouch for unlimted comfort. Fitness model with girlfriend wearing the battlegrey brief. Beats mack weldon and tommy john very time.


Incredibly Soft with Maximum Comfort

Plenty of guys want to go with security and comfort. Finding the right combination of support and coolness in a comfortable men’s brief shouldn’t be that hard. Rest easy, friend; men no longer have to trade comfort for performance. UnderGents' Modern Brief is incredibly soft while keeping everything comfortably in place. These are not your dad’s old school whitey tighties, instead they are straightforward comfort. They are breathable, moisture wicking awesome briefs. Our unique CloudSoft® fabric insures you're cool as a cucumber all day. There’s no rule saying that a man can’t wear comfortable men’s briefs that have some style. The next evolution of briefs is here, so saddle up and enjoy the ride.

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Boxer Shorts

The Ultimate In Comfort For Those That Love Freedom & Comfort Underneath

For men that want to feel fresh, free, and loose underneath. UnderGents' CloudSoft comfort boxer short is a dream come true for men that like to flow through their day and feel free to move any way they want. Say goodbye to those woven boxers that bunch & ride up the first time you sit down. No more adjusting your shorts a thousand times a day. These boxer shorts have a perfect drape, use our ultra-soft CloudSoft fabric that is cooling and breathable to give you the freedom you love without squeezing the hood, keeping you cool, dry, and stink free.

You will be amazed how you feel like you are wearing a Cloud of softness. Feel the freedom in UnderGents performance Boxer Shorts. Once you wear these boxer shorts you may not want to wear anything else.

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Lounge Wear

We understand you want to be comfortable at home. A man should feel like royalty in his home. This Swagger Lounge Wear takes lounging and work-from-home (WFH) comfort to a whole new level. Whether you’ve been wearing the same old sweats or pajamas for the past few weeks/months/years (you know how time goes by), or you need a great new WFH uniform, we’ve got you covered. Neck to ankle comfort and cooling softness that will have you feeling like you’re on cloud 9. Our Swagger men’s lounge clothes use the same incredible CloudSoft fabric that we’re known for to make stylish lounge pants (jogger style with comfortable ankle cuffs, dual functioning pockets, and a quick draw fly) and the crew-neck short sleeve lounge t-shirt will keep you cool with the perfect amount of stretch. Swagger men’s lounge clothes are perfect for lounging, sleeping, wearing out and about, or as a simple undershirt that cools you down. Enjoy your new Swagger.

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