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We get it; many brands of men's underwear tell you they're different. We're not just different, we're COMFORTABLE! We won't just tell you, we'll show you & guarantee it.

Get underwear that's 3X softer & cooler than cotton & polyester underwear. UnderGents moves with your body without squeezing or pulling.

UnderGents - YES:

+ Breathable

+ 3X Softer Than Cotton

+ Enhanced Airflow Is Multiple Times Cooler Than Polyester

+ Skims The Leg Without Squeezing Or Pulling The Thighs

+ Made with Sustainably Sourced CloudSoft Micro Modal

+ Keeps You Dry And Odor Free

+ Comfortable and Awesome To Wear All Day, Every Day


- Squeezing Your Thighs Like A Bike Short Or Vice Grips

- Trapped Sweat Or Bacteria

- Pulling & Bunching As You Move

- Funky Smells

- Feeling Like You're Wearing A Diaper Full Of Moisture

- Running To Restrooms To Air Things Out

- Embarrasment

male wearing black boxer brief with horizontal fly, most comfortable and cooling underwear

This Heat Feeling Underneath In Different Underwear Fabrics.

Feel Cooler In UnderGents.

heatmap of what heat levels men feel in underwear
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